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Featured Book: Mirror, Mirror

A non-fiction book by A B Endacott from Debut Books

“Stories are powerful things. Books are powerful things. This is why people burn and ban them… books and stories contain ideas, and ideas are bulletproof.”

We are all surrounded by stories. Whether you know it or not, we are all storytellers. From books, film and television to the way we convey daily information, stories shape the way we communicate and view the world around us.

Alice Boer-Endacott

Alice Jane Boer-Endacott

Alice was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, in a home filled with books and cats. Like many authors, she started writing from a young age – the quality of the stories both in terms of content and storyline improved over time and with practice.

In 2019, she joined the Committee of LoveOzYA, a group committed to promoting Young Adult books written by Australian authors to Australian readers. As both an Australian, and someone whose books (sort of) fall into the Young Adult category, she knows firsthand the importance of a thriving local readership and literary landscape. In 2020, she became a part of the organising group behind OzAuthorsOnline, a digital platform for author events created in response to the lockdowns imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Alice’s hobbies include eating, reading, writing, woodworking, and having deeply analytical discourses about contemporary media with her cats. This final interest led to the creation of what she calls an ‘accessibly academic’ short non-fiction book, Mirror, Mirror, which was published in December 2020 by Debut Books.

Alice also is a contributor for The Nerd Daily. Her reviews, author interviews, and musings on pop culture can be found here.