Mirror, Mirror

A non-fiction book by A B Endacott from Debut Books

“Stories are powerful things. Books are powerful things. This is why people burn and ban them… books and stories contain ideas, and ideas are bulletproof.”

We are all surrounded by stories. Whether you know it or not, we are all storytellers. From books, film and television to the way we convey daily information, stories shape the way we communicate and view the world around us.

With warmth and personal insight, A B Endacott explores the ways in which the stories we read, write and consume tell us something about our collective humanity and gives us the opportunity to step beyond ourselves and the limitations of our single lived experience.

Drawing on a broad range of stories from mythology to Disney films, the reader is encouraged to question how storytelling is vital to our understanding of who we are, and the power they have to transform our world view.

Described by readers as a “a tiny but powerful read,” and by Lili Wilkinson as “the literary equivalent of sitting down with a good friend…to unravel the world’s mysteries,” Endacott’s work is the premiering publication of Debut Books, a new and exciting publishing house within the Australian literary landscape.

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