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Alice Jane Boer-Endacott was born and bred in Melbourne, Australia, amid a home filled with books and cats. From her earliest days as a bored young child she has always used her imagination to escape the drudgery of reality by creating works of fiction. Her first manuscript was a gripping saga involving a ghost horse creatively named Ghost, written at the tender age of nine.

After procrastinating assignments during her Masters degree in Executive Management and Corporate Anthropology, and discovering that she had accidentally written three novels, in a not-so-shocking-twist, she decided to become an author.

Her first book, QUEENDOM OF THE SEVEN LAKES, was written at a time when she was playing Dragon Age Inquisition (and is thus living proof that computer games are socially valuable activities). Alice’s hobbies include eating, reading, writing, woodworking, and having deeply analytical discourses about contemporary media with her three cats

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